Powerful dashboards that turn data into actionable information

Powerful dashboards that turn data into actionable information

Here is what you can expect

Our platform designed from the ground up to be used anywhere. There are no compromises. No shortcuts.

It includes a modern web designer, 30+ widgets, and a viewer to perform analytical operations without writing code.

A wide variety of data sources are supported out of the box. Ranging from files and databases to REST API sources.

Integrate with directory systems such as Active Directory in Windows or Azure for user or group synchronization.

Modern data architecture

“Bringing all your data into our data store” is not mandatory. Also, you don't need to design a complex system for data integration nor keep the embedded BI data store in sync with your data sources. With our platform, you connect directly to hundreds of data sources and any data warehouse of your choice.

SSO using OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect

Share your application authorization and authentication infrastructure with the embedded analytics system. Your users then log in once with one common login. OAuth 2.0 and OpenID standard-based identity providers are supported. Enabling SSO allows users to use analytics without any friction.

No user-based licensing, choose by amount of Dashboards you require.

Many solutions are priced by server, user, and various other metrics. These pricing systems leave you vulnerable to massive price changes as you scale. With OfficeVault, licensing is by dashboards. There are no per-server or per-user fees. You simply pay a flat rate each month or combine it with our base OfficeVault application.

The right price for your business, scable to enterprise.

Integrate with 130+ commonly used data sources

R 2 999 pm

Up to 3 Dashboards

For Personal or Small Businesses, Connect up to 5 Datasources

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R 6 999 pm

Up to 8 Dashboards

For Medium to Large Businesses,  Connect up to 20 Datasources

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R 13 999 pm

Up to 15 Dashboards

For Large to Enterprise Businesses,  Connect up to 30+ Datasources

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Choose from any data store of your choice directly saving you time and effort.

In order to Deliver Exceptional Service, our standard mandatory cost is applicable

In order to Deliver Exceptional Service, our standard mandatory cost is applicable

Our customers are important & we believe that your first experience while using our system should be seamless. This is why our qualified engineers will guide you through the complete installation and configure all relevant dashboards for your business needs.

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