How do I backup my data?

Office Vault will automatically backup your data in our data center.

Where is the data stored?

Office Vault is hosted locally on your internal network but can also be hosted by you in a private cloud. The data will be managed by your company and the necessary backup would need to be completed by your IT department.

How do I log a Support Ticket?

Our system has a built-in form that will allow any user within the system to log a ticket with support. Support tickets are only available to monthly/annually paid versions.

Machine Learning Requirements.

Our Ai Technology requires a high-speed internet connection for processing documents for data extraction. A slow internet connection would result in longer response times.

Can you manage user permissions?

Yes. Our solution allows you to create different levels of access to departments and users. Your users can belong to multiple departments and have different access throughout the system. Permissions can be managed for access to files or projects down to the user level.

How secure is Office Vault?

Office Vault is built with the latest technology trends, using Microsoft asp.net framework and SQL database for storing all configurations and files. All your data is encrypted locally on your server and should be managed by your IT department. If you have opted for our cloud managed version, then we will take care of everything

What type of Hardware & Software is Required?

Office Vault is hosted locally on your internal network but can also be hosted by you in a private cloud. The minimum requirement is as follows: Windows Server 2016 or Higher SQL Express or MS SQL Dot net Framework 4.5 and higher IIS VPN Access for Installation & Support Quad-Core 2GHZ or Higher 16GB Memory

Can your Ai engine process different languages?

Yes. We support multiple languages and currencies.

Why does Ai have a limitation on the documents processed?

Our Ai technology utilises hosted cloud computing and incurs a cost for processing documents. We managed to put together different packages that will fit the needs for small to large businesses.

What operating system can I use?

Currently, we only support the Windows platform for the installation of Office Vault. But all devices that are on the same network can access the system via any modern browser. e.g Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox.