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Secure Print Release

Give users confidence their documents are safe. Set MFPs on the network to release jobs after authentication, add watermarks for tracking confidential documents anywhere, and comply with security policies and trends. Comprehensive security has the user covered before, during, and after they’ve interacted with the device.


First authenticate, then print.

Using pull print our software gives users complete control over the release of their document which will only take place after authentification. Documents are securely stored until they are securely released at a device of the owner’s choosing.

Bandwidth won't hold us down.

Power outages and server downtimes.Not a problem.With our device Spooling turned on, the jobs sent to a print queue during the outage stay stored (encrypted) in the memory of the MFP and can be shared by as many as 10 devices for up to one week.

Keep those documents on lockdown.

Extra sensitive files equal the need for extra protection. Design watermarks to contain the printing person’s name and the printer's ID, place them in various positions on the page.

Comply with data protection laws and privacy policies.

With print management deployed in your organization, all data, whether it's user – server – printer communication or status data from printers, is thoroughly encrypted.

Print with your
Smart device

Verify your identify using your phone

Use your phone as a digital key to unlock your queued prints by releasing them after authentication with your device. Its very easy – you just need to scan the QR code off the printer or its panel, type the password in your phone, and you are free to use it! 

You don’t need to rely on drivers to print – just send the print as an e-mail attachment to a dedicated e-mail address and have it printed


Easy Mobile Printing

Easy Mobile Printing

  • BYOD
  • Credit Recharging
  • Email Print
  • Job Management
  • Android/iOS Apps
  • Jobs List & Printing
  • QR Code Login
  • Remote Device Control
  • Web Upload
Device Management

Device Management

  • Alert Monitoring
  • Automated Device Finder
  • Automatic Driver Installation
  • EFI Fiery Monitoring
  • Network Device Monitoring
  • Remote Installing
  • SNMP 1, 2 & 3
  • Auto Discovery
Print Management

Print Management

  • Client Spooling
  • Job Roaming
  • Delegate Printing
  • Device Spooling
  • Direct Print
  • Failover Printing
  • Job Compression
  • Job Modification
  • Job Parsing
  • Job Preview
  • Printing Rules
  • Printing Rights
  • Printing Quota
  • Pull/Secure Print
  • Tandem Print
System Management

System Management

  • Green Reports
  • Reports via SQL
  • Audit Log
  • MS Cluster Support
  • Credit, Quota & Vouchers
  • Customizable Reports
  • Database Backup
  • Task Scheduler
  • Event Notifications
  • LDAP Connectors
  • MS Azure AD
  • Payment Gateways
  • Private User, Group, Project & Device Based Accounting
  • VM Clustered
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Unleash your inner Da Vinci, by creating your own personalised panel layout.

  • TIME SAVING: Time equals money. Our fully individual personalizable panel allows for users to configure it to their personal needs.
  • FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE: As far as customization goes, the sky is the limit. It's up to you (or your admin's) taste and creativity. The background, each icon, each button – everything can look the way you want.

Scan directly to your Cloud Storage

Make documents available to your team anytime, anywhere.

You can scan to popular Cloud services such as Box.com, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, GoogleDrive, Amazon Web Services S3 or Dropbox. It makes the availability of scanned documents and collaboration with your colleagues easier than ever before.